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Landscape Design

Established in 2018 by Carolina Gómez in Vega Baja, Carolina Gómez Architecture and Planning is an award winning design studio focusing on sustainable design solutions in the built environment. Before founding the studio, Carolina was working at various architecture offices based in Berlin where she was involved, heading design team, in projects of all scales from masterplanning (aA-Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt 2016, Elounda Hills Sustainable Ressort in Crete 2015), concept design (several large scale projects along Russia, Egypt and Germany), architectural design (office buildings, hotels and residential in Austria, The Netherlands, Greece), exhibition design (Future City Exhibition @Aedes Berlin 2012), interior design (Landhouses in Berlin 2010-2017, restaurant in Yaroslavl 2015, co-working spaces in Berlin 2011-2017), installation design (aA + Chiharu Shiota - WinX Tower Foyer in Frankfurt 2017).

This huge diversity in scale of work is also today part of the philosophy of the studio. The practice is specializing in user centered design, offering a more social and economical approach to clients needs.



Building mutually beneficial relationships between people’s quality of life and sustainable environment.



Our design philosophy follows a interdisciplinary approach. Design thinking process looking not only at the problem itself but much more around it. We focus better in trends to provide future-proof resilient solutions, than in aesthetics. A very central part within our design approach is integrating sustainability and climate responsive strategies using available natural and cultural resources. We aim to create high comfort public spaces and low ecological impact.


The design process starts with a KICK-OFF meeting/workshop to listen to you, and to understand your expectations and vision. We proceed to fundamental analysis of the site conditions from macro into the micro-scale in addition with virtual and social networks information. We think out of the box and we are not stopping at the site boundaries.



To make sure your project gets the greatest expertise, we ask for feedback and input from our network to refine the project. If something doesn’t work, we change it.


To ensure design project development strategy  we establish a long term vision, a road map 2030/2050 within the topics or scales concerning the site.

This ensures that our design project is future proof and also future generations can profit from the investment. For our projects we also develop a processual development strategy, a long-term ROAD MAP parallel to short-term “HIGH-BRAIN / LOW-TECH” solutions that can be easily adopted today as QUICK WINS steps.

The aim: robust and resilient masterplans with a strong identity and inherent flexibility. Solutions and designs that are embedded in a clear narrative and include a coherent strategy and defined next steps towards implementation.


Working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. Quality of life through both political and non-political processes.


Regional Development, Concept Strategic Design, City & Landscape Planning, Urban Design, Analysis, Research, Feasibility Studies, Academic Work, Architecture, All-round Design

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