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• Monovar, Landscape Design

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• November 2019. International Heritage Conference and SDGs at TU Delft

Esta semana estoy en TU Delft participando en International Heritage Conference and SDGs como panelista, con la investigación “The power of program in the Third Landscape”. Plantearé la preservación del tercer paisaje, como espacio identitario, espontáneo y no reglado, donde confluyen y se mezclan el patrimonio natural y cultural.

// Panel: “Exploring Heritage as Culture: Disciplines, Theories, Method”
// Hora: 11-12.30 (27.11.19)
// Lugar: Faculty of Architecture. TU Delft
// Programa: Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals
// Abstract: In recent decades, sustainable conservation of cultural and natural heritage has become a crucial challenge as globalisation steps forward a unique international style instead of the promised access to multiple realities. This trend raises questions about how to protect our heritage and which are exactly the values handed down from previous generations. As a correlation with Gilles Clément Third Landscape, we have in one side the wildlife preserve, where natural heritage happens; in the other side we have physical artefacts and planned spaces, addressed by cultural heritage. This polarisation leaves an in-between, a left over space where biodiversity and lack of planning coexists in a common ground mix of both cultural and natural heritage.
These Terrain Vagues are rarely protected as they seemed to be just waiting to be attached to natural reserve or city future developments. How to preserve them and their inherent identity?
In last decades we have observed how introducing intermediate and temporary uses, programmes or events, in residual spaces has protected them in strong city urbanisation processes. What are the parameters that allow us map this phenomenon? Which cases study can be categorised?
Observation and categorisation of in-between spaces where we can read a strong mix of cultural and natural heritage and uses have been instrumentalised to protect place identity.
// keywords: Third Landscape, mix of cultural and natural heritage, preservation, programme

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• Tras las inundaciones de la Vega Baja de septiembre 2019 se ha colaborado Unidad de Evaluación de Daños y Recuperación en Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación I.V.E.

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• Pedro´s House Garden, Landscape Design

• Residential Block Feasibility Study


• Monte Park Concept Guidelines

• Mobility Research: SUPER-CALLES


• December 2019. Kick off meeting at Parque de Aguamarina! More info soon!


• Bus Stop Concept Design

• Arco Mediterráneo: COTA 100 Research

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