Playa de Palma

You need a worktation, why use vacation days when you can get the job done in S’Arenal?

S'ARENAL RED CARPET will be a high‐quality public space. It will become the brand image of S'Arenal representing respect for the Mediterranean urban culture; outdoor stores, terraces, promenades, fountains, oasis trees. A Trojan Horse that promotes business in the RED CARPET as the link between tourism and the local context, attracting new visitors for this example of integration and all year quality sustainable tourism.

S'ARENAL RED CARPET connects waterfront to landscape belt through a distinctive shared space. The landscape belt is proposed as a running and bike track. Brief social network research, map this area as Mallorca best spot for red sunsets. The intervention emphasises this RED identity using brick as floor material. Also autochthon palm trees take the public space.

Diversification and specification of atmospheres: hamaca benches, fountains, big bench planters, kiosk brick dome, relaxing features for the beach edge. Sport rings, trampolines, climbing wall, are located in the intersection with running track. Assembly and meet-up benches qualifies the middle of the carpet as makers space.

Transforming Beach & Sun into a logic of todays economy: creative industries tourists, escaping from office routine, as target group that remains active throughout the year. Creative class supposes 7.7 Mio inhabitants in Europe. Some cities like Berlin and Lisbon, making use of free movement, are already attracting them for “worktations”. Can S’Arenal become a global player?

S'Arenal shopping mall, re-branded as S’Arenal Makers, will be main centre of new activities. By adding work to the shopping mall formula, we find the most interesting new uses in the intersections between work&leisure and work&retail. Ateliers that sell their own products, workshops in stores, DIY lessons, will re-brand and boost shopping centre to Shopping Maker Centre. Some global companies for creative class (Holmes Place, Adidas Run- Base,...) could be stablished on the shopping mall as triggers to gain world wide visibility. Afterwards locals can copy this formulas, giving an extra value through adding own identity.


Next steps first conciliates Masterplan with existing local players as Kilimanjaro Hotel, Shopping Mall Centre, Portuary zone. At the same time, cataloging existing network of business spaces (related to potential uses) to offer to global and local stakeholders.


Competition, Urban Design, Tourism


Europan Productive




Platja de Palma Masterplan identifies local communities with strong own character and articulates them from waterfront to landscape using civic axis. S’ARENAL RED CARPET strength and brands S’Arenal district identity, connecting beach and landscape belt through a pedestrian distinctive shared space.

The landscape belt uses former train lines. We propose this belt as a running and bike track that creates a loop connecting to waterfront bike lane. This loop connects landscape treasures as Parque Torrente Rambla, Ses Fontanelles, agricultural fields,...

DIVERSIFICATION AND SPECIFICATION are main keywords through all the project that aims the area to evolve into all year quality sustainable tourism.

S’Arenal gets new brand with its RED CARPET and focuses in new uses around Shopping Mall. The running track in the landscape belt connects to Palma.
In further developments nearby squares will be articulated.

By adding work to the Shopping Mall formula we find the most interesting new uses in the intersections
between work and leisure and work a retail. Ateliers that sell their own products, workshops in shops, repairing a DIY lessons in materials shop,... re-brand and boost Shopping Mall to Shopping Maker Center.

S’Arenal Shopping Mall re-branded as S’ARENAL MAKERS will be main center of new uses.
It expands todays approach to Shopping Mall (things you can buy the same anywhere in the world), to local specific products, with the aim to improve the living and employment conditions of residents and workers.

Shared Space showing a lively spot of the carpet showing Mediterranean lifestyle, fresh fruit shop, people having a meeting in a terrace, bikes, icecream stop, refreshing with trees.

All hand sketches by extraordinary talented

Sabrina Suppa.

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